FAQs | 2021 Annual Recognition Gala

Can’t find an answer to your question below? Don’t hesitate to reach out:
[email protected]

Will we receive a Zoom link?
Here is the link to the Gala’s webcast page: https://webstreaming.ca/lagouvernanceaufeminin/home/

Will the Gala be bilingual?
Yes! Participants will be able to listen to the Gala in the language of their choice. There will be both “English” and “Français” channels.

Does the virtual Gala include the usual Montreal and Toronto events?
Yes, there will be a single, global Gala this year.

How many regular guests can we invite?
Due to high demand, we opted for a platform that allows Parity Certified organizations and Gala Partners to now have an unlimited number of regular guests. Seize this opportunity to invite your employees, customers, business partners, suppliers across the country, and proudly showcase being part of this prestigious group!

Will our guests be able to network amongst themselves?
Your VIP guests will have access to a private breakout room, the equivalent of a table at a presential event. It is recommended to restrict attendance at 9 people to maximize the quality of interactions. All regular guests to the event will also have the opportunity to network in a virtual ‘Lobby’. Your VIP guests will be able to switch from your private breakout room to the virtual ‘Lobby’ should they wish to do so.

How will VIP guests access their private breakout room?
We will use the information provided in your VIP guests’ form (name + email) to pre-assign them to a private room.
**Attention: Please note that each VIP guest will need to previously download the latest version of Zoom 5.2 and register with the email you provided for everything to be functional.**

What are the “9 free annual memberships” offered to the VIP guests?
Members of Women in Governance benefit, among other things, from free access to all virtual events of the regular programming, as well as discounts on events of the special programming and the mentoring programs: https://womeningovernance.org/become-a-member/

Can the gourmet baskets be delivered anywhere other than Montreal and Toronto?
Considering the high volume of requests for gourmet baskets across Canada, we confirm that they can be delivered anywhere in the country.

Is it possible to order extra gourmet baskets, besides the 9 we are allotted?
You can order additional baskets up until April 26, 5:00 p.m. EDT at the latest. Follow this link: https://lasolas.ca/la-gouvernance-feminin/