Thoughts and experiences some of our mentees and mentors were kind enough to share!

“Women in Governance’s Mentoring program meets the needs of women seeking to advance their careers, even though they have already reached a managerial level. The training program is very well adapted: it forces reflection on themes that are traditionally less prioritized by women and yet are essential to achieving higher levels of leadership.”

Hélène Chartier

Vice-President Go-to-market and Strategy,

TELUS Health

“I have already done some workshops on networking and I think this one is by far the most useful and pragmatic. “

Véronique Dorval

Vice President, Client Engagement and Sponsored Markets,

Sun Life Financial

“An essential program in the current context. Mentoring is a proven tool. Combining it with networking is a winning combination.”

Nadine Pirotte

Executive Director,

Compagnie F | Entrepreneurship pour femmes

“Congratulations to the organizing committee for spearheading such a high quality initiative. This program will, no doubt, be beneficial not just for the mentees but for the mentors as well and it will directly contribute to the development of a number of young, high potential women leaders in Quebec.”

Katya Laviolette

Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO),

TC Transcontinental

“Presentations most relevant, stimulating activity, and the most productive environment for docking dyads!”

Michel Lamontagne


“Women in Governance’s mentoring program a total blast! I met inspiring women, participated in relevant training, and above all I was paired with a mentor who took me out of my comfort zone to go higher and further. I feel privileged to be part of this first cohort. Many thanks to you for giving me the opportunity to participate in a program of this quality. Especially since it is done on a voluntary basis, with only the interests of women in business at heart.”

Julie Marchand

Senior Director of Corporate Communications and Investment Marketing,

Fonds de solidarité FTQ

“I had my first meeting with my mentee and I thank you for this beautiful gift you gave me. I hope she thinks of me half the good that I think of her.”

Hubert Sacy

Director general


“A BIG! thank you. I am building my network in Montreal and this program helps me a lot. The 5 to 7 and the presentations are very interesting.”

“I am very happy with my twinning. I am paired with a person with excellent experience and professional credibility, very relevant to my career path and my current responsibilities. In addition, our individual meetings have already allowed us to establish a good chemistry / confidence, which for me, is essential for the rest of the relationship!”

“Excellent program. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to participate. I think it will be a turning point in my career.”

“Thank you for recruiting me in this beautiful program. I felt kindness and a lot of positive energy from the first activity. I’m really happy.”

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